Cherry Burl Hollow Form/Vase

8" dia x 6" tall - $325

Norway Maple & Walnut Lidded Box

Sometimes you have to leave a piece sitting around for a while until inspiration hits you on how to finish it off. In this case, a finial just didn't feel right, so the vessel sat around for a couple of years. Then I saw a demonstration with an oriental flavor for some of the lids.

6" dia x 6 tall - $125

Rosewood & Maple Box

​6" base x 3" deep - $95

Screaming Banshee

Not every image that appears in the wood is light and lovely. This cherry root had all the cracks in it when I started. The glass insert makes it great for flowers.

7" dia x 6" tall - $135

9 Point Flame

My own 9 point design influenced by Celtic knot patterns. I found the mahogany in a pile of lumber at Habitat for Humanities.

12" dia - $150

More Bits to Turn

Cottonwood Burl

It's amazing what you can find in a pile of firewood. 

9" tall x 10" diameter - $ 425

Spalted Elm Hollow Form

Bleached to highlight the form. I learned about this technique from David Ellsworth

5" tall x 11" dia - $350

Cherry Burl Hollowform

9" dia x 9" tall


Cherry Bowl

15" dis x 5" deep - $225

Spalted Maple Hollow Form

Another hollow form in preparation for the show. More practice with form.

8" dia. x 4" tall. - $125


Maple & Rosewood

Carved legs to make a 3 point rocket ready for take-off

3" dia x 10" tall - $135

A God Box

Every year, the men from church spend a weekend at Charter Hall in Maryland to refresh ourselves and gather strength for what is to come. This year I created a place to metaphorically give our cares and worries to the universe - some call it a "God Box". It's amazing how well this symbolic gesture works to relieve the internal stress we create for ourselves.

Drift wood and Black Dyed Finial

9" dia x 12" Tall  - $350

Spalted Maple Platter

16" dia - $175