More Bits to Turn

Shaping Fluids

A fountain inspired by the work of Jerry Bennet.

Doug Reesor


Revealing Beauty

Since I started out working with my Grandfather in his harness shop, I have been making things. Even in my current job as a Metallurgical Engineer, I work with solving 3 dimensional problems and creating solutions that would have been the job of a metal smith in times past. I took up the lathe again 5 years ago and have been exploring the art that comes from the ancient craft of woodturning.

Michelangelo said every piece of granite has a sculpture in it waiting to be revealed. So it is with every tree. Along with the outer beauty of the living tree, there is hidden an inner beauty that can be revealed with loving care.

I have been working with trees that have been cut down to make room for other things in our lives as a way of feeding my spirit and nurturing creativity. The tactile nature of wood and the surprise each new piece holds continues to excite me with possibilities. If the curves of a piece long for your gentle caress than I am honored. The tree has touched you in a new way.