Aromatic Cedar

I get a lot of wood from other people in return for making a piece. This is the first time I worked with cedar the aroma was so lovely, I didn't really want to use a dust mask.

The Shroud

More Red Elm Burl. The image on the neck is very mysterious.

World Peace

Driftwood Hollowform

I found a piece of driftwood on Chesapeake Bay that just had to be explored.

L'il Brown Jug

I couldn't resist the name on this little spalted maple vessel. I wasn't drinking anything when I made it but it reminded me of a whisky jug as the shape came out of the wood.

In memory of a friend

This work was commissioned by a gentlemen who want to toast the memory of a friend at an annual hunting weekend. Cherry cups with no finish but Carnuba wax on the outside.

Red Elm Burl

Among the tall grass in a woodpile in Overlook Park was a huge burl. I got permission to take it.

Aging Gracefully

As part of our time of Lent at church, artists were asked to submit pieces about growing old. The piece of maple was truly spalted and getting close to being pure sponge but I caught it in time to make this graceful vessel which seems to me to show that there is beauty at all stages of life.

11" dia x 11" tall

Celestial View  

15" Dia English Walnut wall hanging

I created a 9 point star with 6 flames in each star point and 3 ribbons around the pieces. Wood burning is a new embellishment for me. 

More Bits to Turn

Segmented Walnut

One of the first bowls I made in 2007 was this segmented walnut bowl. Walnut sap wood is quite light, so it makes a really neat affect.  I was planning to give it away, but my wife overruled my decision. I went on to make 4 collection plates for our church using the same technique.

Segmented Bowl

Cherry with black walnut, purple heart & holly

Red Elm Burl Bowl

I am realizing that the burl was rather large, so I have gotten quite a few pieces out of it so far and there is still a lot left. 

12" dia x 4" deep

Relief Sale Vase

Spalted elm with a bit of wood bleach to add highlights. This was auctioned off for charity. 

about 6" tall.

Mahogany Plate​

Another thin plate attempt. Finished with high gloss polyurethane. This is 1/4" thick on the edge.

11" dia

Sycamore Plate 

I am practicing making thin plates. This one is 1/8" at the edge and 1/4" in the center. The finish is Butcher's Block Oil

9" dia

Red Elm Burl Vase

This was a huge burl and has made many wonderful pieces. I think this is about as big as my arms can take when hollow forming freehand.

18" tall x 10" dia.

Spalted Maple Vase

Sometimes you find accessories in the strangest places, like the Salvation Army Store. The glass in the center of this vase had a silver metallic finish around the top and was the perfect diameter to drop into the hole.

12" dia x 6" tall

Cherry Platter 

For a Friend

18" dia